Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)

People at a MAPPA meeting

Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements or MAPPA is the process through which the police, probation and prison services work together with other agencies to assess and manage violent and sexual offenders in order to protect the public from harm.  It is a system of sharing information and combining resources to maximise the risk management in place for each individual offender.

It is the responsibility of the National Probation Service to manage all offenders that are classed as high risk or managed by MAPPA. The CRC has a statutory responsibility to co-operate with these arrangements as required.

The Three MAPPA Levels

There are three levels of management which are based upon the level of multi-agency co-operation required to implement the risk management plan effectively.   Higher risk cases tend to be managed at the higher levels and offenders will be moved up and down levels as appropriate.

Level 1 - Ordinary management

These offenders are subject to the usual management arrangements applied by whichever agency is supervising them. 

Level 2 - Active multi agency management                 

The risk management plans for these offenders require the active involvement of several agencies via regular MAPP meetings. 

Level 3 - Active multi agency management                 

Same as Level 2 but these cases additionally require the involvement of senior officers to authorise the use of special resources, such as police surveillance or specialised accommodation and/or to provide ongoing senior management oversight.

Offenders Managed Through MAPPA

There are three categories of offenders managed through MAPPA:

Category 1

Registered sex offenders

Category 2

Violent offenders sentenced to imprisonment for 12 months or more, or those detained under hospital orders. This category also includes a small number of sexual offenders who do not qualify for registration and offenders disqualified from working with children; and

Category 3

Other dangerous offenders who do not qualify under categories 1 or 2 but who currently pose a risk of serious harm, there is a link between the offending and the risk posed, and they require active multi-agency management.

Violent and Sexual Offenders’ Register (ViSOR)

ViSOR is a database holding details of sexual and violent offenders, and other dangerous persons.  Police, prisons and probation all work on the same IT system enabling the sharing of risk assessments and risk management information on individual violent and sex offenders.