Safeguarding Children

Warwickshire and West Mercia CRC, working in partnership with other agencies through the local Safeguarding Children Boards, is committed to the following vision, mission and values of the Boards:


Children and young people in Warwickshire & West Mercia grow up in an environment in which their well-being needs are met and they are safe from harm.


To work together effectively, as organisations and with children and families, to ensure that local services and arrangements are effective in promoting the well-being of children and young people in Warwickshire and West Mercia and keeping them safe from harm.


  • The impact on the well-being and safety of children and young people will be at the centre of all Safeguarding Children Board activities.

  • We will learn and be willing to develop, responding to evidence and best practice.

  • We will work in an open and honest manner with parents, children, young people and with each other.

  • We will address the well-being needs of children and young people at the earliest opportunity and prevent the need for later child protection intervention whenever possible.

  • We will challenge each other and be ready to receive challenge as we work together in a spirit of mutual respect.


How we will deliver our expectations for Safeguarding Children

We want every child and young person to grow up happy, healthy and safe, to achieve this, we want:

  • Every offender under our supervision to be assessed in terms of their potential risk to children and to be expected to take responsibility themselves for protecting children.

  • Our staff to be fully aware of the range of services for children available in their local delivery unit and of thresholds and referral routes to ensure children of offenders are able to access services at all levels of need.

  • Our staff to co-operate fully and share appropriate information with appropriate partner agencies working with children to ensure that all the needs of children of offenders are met.

  • Our staff to co-operate fully and share appropriate information with appropriate partner agencies to ensure that identified risks to children are managed.

What success looks like:

  • The perspective of the child is understood in every case.

  • All staff undertake appropriate training for their role in relation to safeguarding.

  • Internal audit confirms adherence with all safeguarding procedures

  • Partner agencies are confident in their understanding of our role and raise issues of concern appropriately.

  • External scrutiny (Serious Further Offences, Serious Case Reviews, Inspection) does not identify gaps in practice.