Women's Residential Programme

The Residential Women's Care Farm Skills Training Programme is available for women offenders who would otherwise receive custodial sentences.

The programme is based at Willowdene Farm, Chorley, Shropshire and is available to women offenders who are over 21 years old and are at risk of custody. 

The women will reside at Willowdene Farm for seven weeks to engage in therapy, skills training, thinking skills development and work focused activity.  During this time they will also achieve a minimum of two qualifications.

This programme removes the women from their offending lifestyles, giving them focused time to turn their lives around.  It is not reliant on housing benefit and, therefore, enables them to retain their homes without further impact on any other household member.  This will enable the offender to return to a stable environment when reintegrated.

This programme aims to dramatically reduce the use of custody for women locally with the consequent savings, reductions to family upheaval and negative effect on children. 

As an alternative to custody, this is a proposal for a 12 month Community Order with the following requirements:

  • Supervision Requirement of 12 months
  • Residence Requirement of 7 weeks at Willowdene
  • Activity Requirement of up to 30 days to undertake the Care Farm Skills Training Specified Activity

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