Offender Behaviour Programmes

A group work programme

Tackling the way people think has been shown to directly affect the way they behave.  Offending behaviour programmes are designed to address and challenge the patterns of behaviour and activities that contribute to committing crime. 

Offenders may attend a programme as part of their Community Order or as a condition of release from prison.  We run the following offending behaviour programmes:

TSP (Thinking Skills Programme)

Addresses the way offenders think and their behaviour associated with offending. It supports offenders developing skills in setting goals and making plans to achieve these without offending.



Aims to reduce violence in male offenders. The programme includes group and individual sessions and is suitable for offenders with a history of reactive or instrumental violence.


Building Better Relationships

New domestic violence programme designed for men who have committed violent behaviour in a relationship.  The aim is to end violence and abuse against participants' partners.

Find out more about Building Better Relationships



Drink Impaired DriveDrinks on a bar and car keysrs

A group programme aimed at those convicted of a drink driving offence.

Find out more about the Drink Impaired Drivers’ Programme


For further information on the programmes that we offer please refer to the Interventions Apps available here.