Purpose, Vision and Values

WWM CRC Statement of Purpose

To protect the public and create safer communities by reducing reoffending.

WWM CRC Vision


a) Transforming lives through delivering quality interventions

b) Provide an innovative suite of interventions to support our service users with rehabilitation

c) Develop a skilled, confident and motivated workforce with clear accountabilities and strong teams


a) Protect the public from harm through quality risk assessment and management

b) Deliver the order of the courts implementing the new Offender Rehabilitation Act requirements

c) Provide effective Through the Gate services


a) Continue to develop strong relationships and partnerships with criminal justice agencies

b) Reduce reoffending through good engagement and effective interventions in collaboration with partners

c) Engagement with stakeholders for CRC growth e.g. Police Crime Commissioner services

WWM CRC Values

  • Integrity and commitment in delivering our promise to rehabilitate service users and protect the public.

  • Working as a team with stakeholders and partners to create safer communities.
  • Responding creatively and respectfully to meet the diverse needs of our service users and staff.

  • Consistently promoting ownership and accountability of the harm caused by crime.

PeoplePlus Trademarks

1. True North

We always operate with high ethical standards, keeping a sense of our ‘True North’, even when no-one is watching. We are the best version of ourselves, all the time, in everything we do.

2. Own It

We always take personal accountability for everything we do, including any issues we come across, owning it until it is fixed and seeking help when we need it.

3. Improve to be the best

We want to be the best at what we do for our clients, customers, service users and learners. That means we have a passion to keep learning and improving. We never accept second best.