Rehabilitating Offenders

One of our values is that we have a strong belief that people can change.  We think with the appropriate support and guidance, offenders can change and rehabilitate and stop re-offending.  We offer a range of activities aimed at tackling the root causes of offending and changing peoples behaviour.

Offender Behaviour Programmes

Tackling the way people think has been shown to directly affect the way they behave.  Offending behaviour programmes are designed to address and challenge the patterns of behaviour and activities that contribute to committing crime.

Rehabilitation Activity Requirement or Specified Activity Requirement

Offenders benefit from the care farm environment whilst learning new skills and gaining qualifications to help them into the workplace.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Dependency on and misuse of drugs and alcohol is a major cause of offending.  We offer interventions to tackle this.

Senior Attendance Centres

Senior Attendance Centres are available to the courts when sentencing individuals aged 18-24. They provide the courts with an option that not only punishes offenders by loss of their leisure time but also provides a disciplined learning environment.

Education, Training and Employment

Providing offenders with training, skills and education to enable them to enter the workforce.