Partners in Rehabilitation 


Do your customers and stakeholders recognise you as an ethical company?

There is an importance in not only being an ethical company, but also in being recognised as one.  Increasingly, people are choosing the companies that they invest in according to ethincal principles.  This impacts on which brands other organisations chose to promote or partner with but also on the companies that consumers decide to purchase from.  


How can you connect with your client base and demonstrate a high level of Social Responsibility?

Warwickshire and West Mercia CRC are pleased to introduce an exciting opportunity to invest in Public Protection and the Rehabilitation of those who have committed offences. 

You have the chance to become a Partner in Rehabilitation

Employing ex-offenders is a great way to be involved in their rehabilitation and giving people that all important second chance.  However, WWM CRC are now introducing the chance to sponsor the interventions that we offer to enable businesses to also support the front line work itself.

This is your opportunity to invest in valuable work such as:

  • The delivery of Programmes to address Domestic Abuse or Drink Driving
  • Interventions to address Alcohol or Drug misuse
  • Support to find accommodation or employment for ex-offenders

We would attach your name and logo to the literature that we produce for that Intervention and you would be able to display the Partners in Rehabilitation Accreditation on your advertising and literature.  This is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to the local community and to show that all important ethical focus.  It is also a way to invest in the people around you and create safer communities. 

You would receive updates on the intervention that you support, and information on the change that you have directly invested in for a number of people.

If you are interested please contact us at WWMCRC and we will be happy to come out and meet with you to discuss the potential options, or answer any questions that you may have.