Strategic Partnership

Our Strategic Partnership, 'One Step Beyond' offers an increased pool of skills and capacity together with the ability to access valuable funding streams that are only available to third sector organisations. 

The partnership works alongside other organisations from the voluntary, private and public sectors.  Since the partnership began a range of projects have been developed to help reduce re-offending and deliver better outcomes for offenders.

Enhanced Support for Supervision ESS

Enhanced Support for Supervision targets offenders that are most at risk of reoffending.  Its aim is to support WWMCRC in reducing re-offending rates by increasing the level of engagement with offenders on a community order or on licence.  Offender Managers identify suitable individuals who have complex needs and a degree of motivation to change. Referrals are split into two categories:

  • High intensity – 24 face to face contacts spread across 12 weeks, backed up with texts and phone calls
  • Low Intensity – 12 face to face contacts spread across 12 weeks, backed up with texts and phone calls.

Keyworkers produce a Support Plan for the offender.  Volunteers are used for mentoring, support, transporting and advice and guidance. 

Senior Attendance Centre

There are two Senior Attendance Centres based at Willowdene Farm in Shropshire and YSS Training and Enterprise Centre in Worcester.  This project offers a range of practical and life skills and explores further training and employment possibilities.  Throughout the sessions causes and consequences of offending behaviour are considered along with victim awareness.  Support is available for literacy, numeracy and keys skills and information, advice and guidance is given on education, training and employment.  Participants have the opportunity to achieve at least one qualification.

Women’s Specified Activity Requirement

One Step Beyond has helped in the development of a range of new projects specifically for women offenders across the area.  These are delivered in partnership with other organisations.   They seek to address the underlying causes of the women's offending behaviour and reduce reoffending.

The projects vary in their delivery, some are more employment focused and offer information, advice and guidance relating to education, training and employment, others focus on relationships, promoting self-worth and problem solving.  The Good Stuff Furniture project offers practical furniture restoration skills. All of the projects provide the women with valuable support networks and links to housing and other local services. 

  • Shropshire:  delivered by Together for Wellbeing
  • Telford and Kidderminster:  delivered by Willowdene Farm
  • Redditch and Bromsgrove:  delivered by Sandycroft Centre
  • Worcester:  Good Stuff Furniture, delivered by YSS