Professional Qualification in Probation

As of September 2016 the qualification route to become a Probation Officer has changed to the Professional Qualification in Probation (PQIP).  Although access to the PQIP itself requires applicants to have a degree level qualification in a relevant field, there is now a route through one of the three University Providers to achieve that qualification or to complete modules to add to an existing qualification to be applicable to apply for the PQIP.

The access route for the PQIP is that applicants must have a qualification at degree level that covers four module areas (see below) and applicants must have experience in managing challenging behaviour.  The combination of these allows entrants to then apply for the PQIP through either the CRC or the NPS. 

The four module areas that need to be covered or can be purchased through one of the three University providers are :

The Criminal Justice System

Understanding Crime and Criminal Behaviour

Penal Policy and Punishment of Offenders

Rehabilitation of Offenders

Applicants can complete a Gateway Assessment Service through NOMS to check whether their qualifications cover these areas.  If it does not, these modules can be completed through either one of the three providers:

Demontfort University

Portsmouth University

Sheffield University

If applicants do not have a degree, they can also purchase a level 4 qualification through the university to demonstrate their ability to study at level 5.



Once on the PQIP Trainees will complete further academic work equivalent to the third year of a degree programme and will gain experience through their placement either in the CRC or the NPS.  The CRC will be sponsoring trainees through the PQIP each year, please speak to your line manager or someone from Learning and Development for more information, alternatively, you can visit the website www.traintobeaprobationofficer.com



For more information on the PQIP please see the PQIP FAQ document or contact Learning and Development



VQs level 3 and 5

All new PSOs will be supported to complete a Vocational Qualification in Probation Practise at level 3.  All new PO's as part of their PQIP training will complete the level 5 qualification. 

This is an evidenced based qualification through which guidance is provided by an assessor.