Staying at a Hostel

Offender sitting in his room at the hostel

We have one Probation Approved Premises, commonly referred to as a hostel, in West Mercia.  It is called Braley House and is situated in Worcester.  You can be ordered to stay in Probation Approved Premises for several reasons.

Why do I have to stay in a hostel?

  • As a condition of bail or bail assessment
  • As a requirement of a Community Order because the court believes that you need a higher level of supervision in order to protect the public or to reduce the level of re-offending
  • As a condition of your release from prison

Find out more about Braley House Approved Premises, the rules of the hostel and the weekly regime for residents

You can also read the information leaflet for offenders staying in Probation Approved Premises which will answer most of your questions.