Offending Behaviour Programmes

A group work programme

Offending behaviour programmes are courses that will help you change so you stop offending. The court can order you to take part in a programme as part of your sentence.  It may be as part of your community order or a condition of your release from prison.  We have the following programmes available:


One-to-One supervision with an offender

One-to-One Programme

A programme to help you keep out of trouble in the future.  Probation staff will take you through the programme on your own.  

Find out more about our One-to-One Programme


Woman frightened on kitchen floor with broken crockery

Building Better Relationships

A group programme for men who have committed violent behaviour in intimate relationships.

Find out more about Building Better Relationships


Community Group session with offendersSex Offender Group Programme

A group programme for men who have committed sexual offences. Run by the National Probation Service.

Find out more about the Community Sex Offender Group Programme


Glasses and car keys on a barDrink Impaired Drivers

A group programme for people who have committed a drink-driving offence.

Find out more about the Drink Impaired Drivers’ Programme