Probation officer supervising an offernder in an interview room

If you have been given a supervision requirement by the court as part of your Community Order you will have to attend regular appointments with probation.  You will have an offender manager who will supervise you during your order.

What will happen in supervision?

  • You will work to identify the things in your life that need to change and then get support to help you change them
  • Get support from your offender manager on completing other parts of your order, for example, unpaid work or a programme
  • Be referred to other services for help and support to address your needs such as education and training, housing or help for drug and alcohol misuse

What you must do

  • Stay out of trouble
  • Tell your offender manager immediately if you change your address or phone number
  • Be on time for appointments you are given
  • Let staff visit you at home if they need to
  • Keep to any extra requirements ordered by the court
  • Keep to any extra requirements on your licence if you have been released from prison
  • Take part fully in anything else your offender manager asks you to do.  This may be taking part in a one-to-one or group work programme

What you must not do

  • You must not miss an appointment or be late
  • You must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you report
  • You must not upset or threaten other people
  • You must not make racist, sexist or other offensive remarks

What happens if you don’t keep your appointments?

  • If you miss your appointments, you may have to go back to court
  • You could be sentenced again for your offence
  • If you are on licence, you could be recalled to prison
  • If you have a good reason for not attending, you should tell us before your appointment.  If you don't tell us, we will contact you or call at your home to find out why
  • You can be asked to show us proof of your reason for missing an appointment.  We will decide if your reason is good enough