Community Order

Probation officer supervising an offender

A Community Order can be imposed for offences that are serious but not so serious as to warrant custody.   It means your punishment will be carried out in the community instead of prison.  A Community Order is made up of one or more ‘requirements’ that the court can order you to do.

For less serious offences you may receive just one requirement as part of your order.  For more serious offences, or if this is not your first offence, you may receive three or more requirements.  Supervision by probation is usually one of the requirements.



Regular sessions with an offender manager to help you stop offending

Unpaid Work (Community Payback)

You will work in the community, paying back for the harm you have caused


A course to help you change so you stop offending

Drug Rehabilitation

To help you overcome your drug problem by treatment and testing

Alcohol Treatment

To help you overcome your alcohol problem


To stop you going out between agreed house, sometimes with electronic monitoring


You must live at a place agreed by the court


An activity to improve your skills or spend time with the victim of your crime


To stop you going somewhere because you have committed an offence there

Prohibited Activity

Bans you from something such as attending a football match or using the internet

Mental Health Treatment

Professional medical help for problems which led you to offend

Attendance Centre (for under 25s)

You must go to an attendance centre for set hours