Community Payback

Community Payback is a punishment which requires offenders to pay back the community for the crimes they have committed.  They have to carry out demanding unpaid work as a sentence from the courts for between 40-300 hours. 

This work helps make the communities we live in safer and better places to be.  All projects combine punishment and hard work for the offenders and some offer the chance to learn new skills.  Projects range from litter removal and clearing footpaths through to redecorating community centres and working in charity shops.  Offenders usually work as part of a team monitored by a supervisor but there are also some opportunities for individual placements.

If offenders are in full-time work or education they must give up one day at weekends to do Community Payback.  Unemployed offenders may have to work for up to four days a week.

How to get involved?

We want your suggestions for projects you think would be suitable for Community Payback in your area.  If you are an individual, member of a club, community group, faith group, voluntary organisation, local authority or local business please contact your local Community Payback Team or nominate a project online.

Click here to nominate a project

or email your suggestion to:

To be considered your project must meet the following criteria:

  • It must benefit the local community
  • It must not take paid work away from others
  • No individual may make a profit from the work
  • It must be challenging and demanding
  • It must be worthwhile and constructive
  • Offenders must be putting something back into the community

Your local Community Payback Team will assess the project for suitability and for health and safety implications.