Serving the Courts

Court room scene

West Mercia Probation Trust has staff serving every criminal court across West Mercia.  They play a vital role in assisting Magistrates and Judges to decide on the most effective and suitable sentences for offenders.  They also enforce the sentence of the court and return offenders who do not comply with the requirements of their sentence.

Pre-Sentence Reports

Once an individual has been convicted the Magistrate or Judge may ask for a report to be prepared by probation.  This will provide information about the offender and the offence(s) committed and will include:-

  • an analysis of the offence
  • background information about the offender
  • an assessment of the likelihood of the offender committing further crimes and the risk of harm to the public
  • an assessment of the offender’s suitability for the available sentences.

The report will conclude with a sentence proposal but the sentencing decision rests with the Judge or Magistrate.  Dependent on the seriousness of the crime or the complexity of the case probation officers will produce the report in one of three formats; a Standard Delivery Report, Fast Delivery Report or an Oral Report.

Sentencing Options

There are four sentencing options open to the court: