Victim Liaison Service

What can the Victim Liaison Service do for me?

If you choose to take up the service your National Probation Service Victim Liaison Officer will:

  •  tell you about the offender’s sentence and what it means
  • up-date you on key developments in their sentence which might affect you
  • consult you about any concerns you may have when the offender is being considered for release – this could include short periods of release on temporary licence
  • make sure your views are considered when the conditions are being set for the offender’s release on licence
  • tell you the month when the offender is going to be released and any licence conditions which may affect you or help you
  • tell you when the offender’s licence ends, or if they are recalled to prison
  • tell you how you can make a statement to the Parole Board

Contact with your Victim Liaison Officer

You will get a letter from your Victim Liaison Officer (VLO) introducing the service and asking if you would like contact.

Your VLO will explain what you can expect from the service. They will listen to your concerns and do their best to answer your questions. They may also suggest ideas or provide information on other local services.

If you wish, your VLO will keep in touch with you throughout the offender’s sentence. You can also contact them to ask questions or discuss your concerns.