Four More Offenders Graduate

28th March 2013

A specialStudents with their awards presentation was held for four more offenders from Telford and Shropshire who have completed the Care Farm Skills Training Programme at Willowdene Farm.  The offenders started the programme in January this year.


The Care Farm Skills Training Programme can be offered as a Specified Activity Requirement for 25 days, each consisting of seven hours, spread over a fourteen week period.  The aim of the programme is to get offenders 'work ready'.   It offers a range of learning opportunities including mechanics, animal welfare, forestry operations and welding.  Offenders should achieve at least two qualifications by the end of the programme.


Matt Home from Willowdene Farm presented the students with their awards and congratulated them on their achievements, he said: "We want you to be set free from the chains that have held you back and we want you to move into a new offending free, drug free, purposeful lifestyle". He added: "Just this morning I received a call from the local parish council thanking you all for clearing the roads and pavements in the village of snow.  This has made a big difference to the local community and it is good that the local community can see that people can change".


A former student, Chris, stood up to address the audience, something he would never have had the confidence to do before.  Chris completed the Specified Activity Requirement last year and also completed the seven week Residential Intervention Programme which he finished in December.  He has been crime free since then and has secured accommodation.  He said: "Thank you for the opportunity to come here and better myself and thanks to probation for helping me get a place of my own and to my YSS worker for the support I have been given to help me overcome problems, which I wouldn't have been able to do before.  I have now moved to a new area and have a flat, which I am doing up and I am crime free.  It is a challenge but I am in a much better place to deal with it".


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