Presentation for Successful Offenders

7th August 2012

A special presentationOffenders with their awards was held today for the first cohort of offenders to complete the new Care Farm Skills Training Programme at Willowdene Farm.


The Care Farm Skills Training Programme can be offered as a Specified Activity Requirement for 25 days, each consisting of seven hours, spread over a fourteen week period.  The aim of the programme is to get offenders 'work ready'.   It offers a range of learning opportunities including mechanics, animal welfare, forestry operations and welding.  Offenders should achieve at least two qualifications by the end of the programme.


From the first cohort of six offenders from Telford and Shropshire, four successfully completed the programme and one gained employment before finishing the course. 


Matt Home from Willowdene Farm presented the students with their awards and congratulated them on their achievements, he said:   "It has been hard work for the students and it is about them getting stuck into every qualification on offer, getting the most they can out of the experience and getting that work ethic.  Hopefully we have led them to a better place with skills, training and motivation and they have seen there is more on offer in life than the life they have led previously".


One of the graduates, Duncan, received his award and said how proud he was of the amount of qualifications he had achieved during his time at the farm.  He said,  "This has given me something worthwhile to do and to actually learn something at the same time.  The qualifications will help me apply for jobs in the future.  Duncan achieved qualifications in land based skills training, forestry and horticulture, agriculture and livestock, engineering, woodwork and life and living skills.


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