Victim Impact Awareness launched

16th November 2015



The WWM CRC has today launched its new initiative ‘Victim Impact Awareness’.


The initiative is being launched in conjunction with this year’s International Restorative Justice Week which runs from 16 to 23 November. The week celebrates and raises awareness of restorative justice.


Victim Impact Awareness gives victims a voice and a chance to explain to offenders the real impact of their crime. This can be a huge step for the victim in moving forward and recovering from the after effects of the crime. Victims also have the opportunity to communicate via letters, recorded interviews or even video.


The project also provides a way for offenders to face up to their actions, understand the devastating effects their crime has had on the victim and their family, and where possible, make amends. For offenders this experience can be incredibly challenging as it confronts them with the personal impact of their crime.


Trained facilitators make sure that both victims and offenders get a chance to speak and that victims are comfortable throughout the meeting.


Currently available in the Warwickshire area, the project is open to anyone who has been a victim of crime. To find out more email the project coordinators on


You can show your support and join the discussion around restorative justice week on Twitter using the hashtag #WhatWouldYouDo