For Sentencers


This section contains information which will be of use to sentencers when presiding over cases which may result in a Community Order. 

Probation Forums

Probation Forums provide a valuable opportunity for Magistrates to keep up-to-date with probation developments and new programmes or activities available locally. 

Useful Information

In this section sentencers can find useful information such as publications, leaflets and information sheets to help keep up-to-date.

Serving the Courts

The National Probation Service has staff working in courts.  They provide important information to sentencers via pre-sentence reports.  Find out more about serving the courts.

Supervising Offenders

Information about how we supervise offenders when they are serving a Community Order, in prison or on release from prison. Find out more about supervising offenders.

Rehabilitating Offenders

We offer a range of activities aimed at tackling the root causes of offending.  Find out more about rehabilitating offenders.

Community Payback

Offenders provide thousands of hours of Community Payback work in Warwickshire and West Mercia.  Find out more about the kind of Community Payback work they carry out.

Supporting Victims

We refer and signpost victims to ensure they get advice and support. We also refer victims of sexual and violent crime to the National Probation Service victim liasion service.

Protecting the Public

Our priority is to protect the public.  Find out about our public protection work and how we assess the risk of an offender.

Working in Partnership

Our work with partnership agencies is key to our success.  Find out more about our partnership work.